1. Only Team entries are eligible.
  2. A team shall consist of max two persons.
  3. The decision of quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
  4. The participant shall not be allowed to use mobiles or other electronic equipment. Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors.
  5. Cancellation of any participant of team is not allowed after registration.
  6. The participants shall produce valid ID cards of their respective colleges at the time of the event.

NOTE:- Rules of the event can be modified as per convenience at the time of the event.


  1. Each team will be given 10 min for an essay. Each team will speak on the topic 3 mins.
  2. After 3 min there will be judges counter questions
  3. Positive thinking, problem solving skills, solutions using engineering technology etc would be criteria for selection of winners.

Any queries contact:
Akash: 9403210520
Ananta: 9665610164
Nikhil: 7741978707


  1. New agricultural devices or methods that will help the village women in efficiently completing the agricultural tasks like harvesting, threshing, looking after animals, etc.
  2. New ideas and cost efficient solutions to solve the problems of long distance travelling problem of village women.
  3. The problem of sanitation faced by women in rular village. A low cost, easy to implement lavatory designed for women which can be used during pregnancy & also has low water requirement.
  4. New alternative energy device for cooking that will be easy for rular women to use and which is not harmful for their health. Low cost, easy to use solar energy cooking device could be an example.
  5. An innovative idea to increase the women participation in income generating sector including rearing livestock(cow, pigs, etc, basket weaving , dairy, etc
  6. A proper solution which can ensure that women in the villages can gain basic education related to their day to day activities & also the village girls to receive basic primary education can get further educations.

Max participants per team : 2
Date Of Event :13th sept 2016
Time :-10:00- 12:00