Socio-Techno QUIZ



  1. Only Team entries are eligible
  2. A team shall consist of max two persons.
  3. The decision of quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
  4. The participant shall not be allowed to use mobiles or other electronic equipment.
  5. The question shall be in the form of multiple choice, true or false statement, specific answer question etc.
  6. Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors.
  7. Cancellation of any participant of team is not allowed after registration.
  8. The participants shall produce valid ID cards of their respective colleges at the time of the event.

NOTE:- Rules of the event can be modified as per convenience at the time of the event.

Quiz Rules:-

  1. ach team would be given a set of question paper containing 20 multiple choice type questions.
  2. Time limit 30 min
  3. No negative marking

Any queries contact:
Nikhil: 7741978707
Prabhakar Mhetre: 8275447824
Tushar Salunkhe: 8605393498

Max participants per team : 2
Date Of Event :13th sept 2016
Time :-10:00- 12:00